Career Life Education (CLE) 10! As the name suggests this course is about careers & life, but more importantly this course is about you! Be prepared to learn a lot about yourself and the people around you and how you impact each other. Most of what we do in our lives involve decisions that not only affect us as individuals but the world around us; therefore, you will be presented with strategies for making decisions as well as many opportunities to put these strategies into practice throughout this semester. In CLE 10 you will discover tools that will help you in managing, organizing and enjoying everyday life, as well as your school career. This course will challenge you to learn more about the graduation program, the graduation transition plan, education and career opportunities, healthy lifestyles and financial planning. CLE 10 is not just a course, it is an opportunity to develop organization skills, focus your research on relevant topics and begin to make decisions that matter to you. Enjoy!